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Order one of our newest products, our Wooden Captain America Shield Display Crate, designed and fabricated by the team at Comic Sandwiches for Captain America fans everywhere. This is our original shield case design of what we think Captain America would have used during WWII and the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. SHIELD SOLD SEPERATELY.

The wooden shield case is constructed using pine wood, durable steel latches, and brass hardware. This unfinished wooden crate is coated in army green paint and weathered to embody the aged look of a military crate. The shield crate also features custom stencils including the logo of SHIELD’s predecessor, SSR, and a unique serial number that makes each crate unique and feel as if it belongs in the Marvel universe. Place an order now!

Additional Details: Our products are handmade and made-to-order with individual care put into every item. The shield case measures 27" inches long, 27" inches wide, and is 7" inches in depth. The case weighs about 30 pounds. The interior of the crate has a deep golden stain and a removable lock system lined with EVA foam for holding and displaying the shield securely. The shield crate can be displayed by leaning it against a wall, lying it on the floor, or by mounting on a wall using the cleat found on the back of the case. If this crate is not exactly what you are looking for, we are always open to customization of our products. SHIELD SOLD SEPERATELY. Contact us to learn more.

Wall Mount Details: To hang the case on the wall, first mount the second part of the cleat to a stud in your wall. We suggest using a level for this step. Then simply lift the crate up, and hang it from the wall cleat, using the cleat on the back of the crate. If you do not wish to hang the crate on your wall, you can either leave the cleat on, or remove it from the back using the inlcuded allen wrench.

Shipping Details: As these are made-to-order, shields take 6-8 weeks from order to shipping. International orders will pay a duty fee upon delivery so PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER. All Comic Sandwiches products are designed and Made in the USA.

Contact Info: Contact me with questions or email me about ordering a completely custom designed prop replica for your specific cosplay or display needs. Contact me by email at Grayson@Comicsandwiches.com.