Captain America Shield Replica - Black Panther Scratches - Civil War

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Screen Accurate Metal Captain America Shield Replica for Cosplay and Display.

An authentic replica of the prop used in "Captain America: Civil War". Just like the prop from the movie, during the intense airport sequence with all of the avengers. 

It measures 24 inches across, weighing around 6 pounds. It is a great weight for walking around conventions with.

It is made of 1/8 aluminum with grooves in between the rings just like the real one. The star is top quality comparing only to the original.

The straps are made from durable and thick leather regularly used in the 1940's, and are mounted to specially machined aluminum brackets and buckles.

This Captain America Shield is only made from quality parts and built for people who are looking for a premium shield a step above the rest.

These are custom made by hand to order with individual care put into every one.

International orders will pay a duty fee upon delivery so please provide a phone number.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or check out our option for completely custom designed and built Replicas and projects, just contact me through by email: