Captain America Shield Wall Mount - Universal Wall Mount

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Universal Captain America Shield Wall Mount, designed to be compatible with most shields including brands like Hasbro and many custom cosplay shields, like our Marvel and DC shield replicas.

This shield wall mount is made from powdered aluminum, measures 19 inches in length and 2 inches in width. The Captain America Shield Wall Mount comes with two screws intending to be mounted in a wall stud for stability.

Additional Details:
Our products are handmade and made-to-order with individual care put into every item, designed and fabricated by the team at Comic Sandwiches for Captain America shield display purposes. Check out our wearable and mountable shields we offer; Captain Carter Shield, Infinity War Shield, Broken Shield, and many more, all able to be put on display with our shield wall mount.

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Shield wall mounts will generally take 1-2 weeks to ship. International orders will pay a duty fee upon delivery so PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER. All Comic Sandwiches products are designed and Made in the USA.

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Contact me with questions or email me about ordering a completely custom designed prop replica for your specific cosplay or display needs. Contact me by email at