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This is a finely crafted heater shield as seen in Captain America #1 in 1939".

It is made of thick machine formed Aluminum and accurately shaped, just like the real one.

Accurate dimensions to match the movie prop used. (23.5 inches X 19 inches)

Has authentic leather straps matching the ones seen in the movie as well.

Can be "battle damaged" or "traditional" finish.

Traditional -
Clean with no weathering scuffing

Battle Damaged -
Weathered with soot, scraps, and chips.

NOTE: Each one is handmade to order - Battle damage finishing will vary from photos.

International orders will pay a duty fee upon delivery so please provide a phone number.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or check out our option for completely custom designed and built Replicas and projects, just contact me through Etsy or by email:

Made in USA by Comic Sandwiches

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