Netflix Daredevil Billy Clubs - Aluminum Prop Replica

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Fully Functional Metal Daredevil Billy Clubs from the Disney Plus Daredevil Tv show. Replica of the prop used by Charlie Cox.

The replicas feature full aluminum construction with a knurled grip and brushed end connectors, exactly matching real prop.

2 buttons are in the center of the clubs, one side separates the two halves and the other side connects them by a cable. 

These weigh a total of 1 pound making it perfect for a con. The measure 12 inches and 14.25 inches.

Included with the Billy Clubs is a wooden case painted and weathered to look like it was found in Matt Murdock's closet.

Custom made foam inserts hold the clubs firmly inside for easy travel.

two acrylic pieces slot into the lid of the case to display the clubs proudly on top and at an angle for a little extra pizzazz.

 Made to order and will ship in 4-6 weeks.

Proudly designed and made in the USA by Comic Sandwiches.

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