Nightwing Escrima Sticks - Carbon Fiber

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Made to order and will ship in 3-4 weeks.
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Carbon fiber escrima sticks based on DC's Nightwing character. These are a unique prop replica design by Comic Sandwiches that combine of the design of the escrima sticks that Dick Grayson uses in different variations of the comics, tv shows, and movies.

The replicas feature full black carbon fiber shafts with blue painted aluminum ends. These weigh a total of 1 pound a piece making them perfect for a comic con, gift, or display purposes. They measure 24 inches in length, and have a 1 inch diameter.

Get your own set today to finish your Nightwing cosplay and be fully prepared for Season 4 of DC's Titans show.

The escrima sticks come in a set of two.

These escrima sticks are meant to be used as a prop replica for cosplay or for a display piece NOT as an actual self defense weapon. We do NOT recommend the usage of our prop replicas as self defense weapons.

Made to order and will ship in 3-4 weeks. Completely designed and made in USA by Comic Sandwiches.