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​​This is a finely crafted shield replica that is featured in the Peacemaker TV series on HBO Max. The series follows the story of Christopher Smith, played by John Cena, following the events of the character's introduction into the DC Extended Universe in The Suicide Squad (2021).

It is made in house and hand formed from thick aluminum and accurately shaped the shield from the show.

Accurate dimensions to match the movie prop used. (23.5 inches X 19 inches)

Has authentic leather straps matching the ones seen in the movie as well.

Great for use in a Peacemaker cosplay, or to display proudly on the wall.

International orders will pay a duty fee upon delivery so please provide a phone number.

These are custom made by hand to order with individual care put into every one. Shield orders take about 6-8 weeks from order to shipping.

Made in USA by Comic Sandwiches

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